The Junction Project

We need your support to create a one stop disability service right here in the Surf Coast.

The Junction is a tailored space incorporating community services and spaces for people with disability and their support network.

Such as:

  • sensory friendly hairdresser
  • cafe run by people with disability
  • therapy spaces for local specialists
  • a playgroup and sensory playground
  • kitchen garden and animals
  • work shed

We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging and purpose by offering diverse programs and services. Simultaneously, The Junction is designed to be a revenue-generating hub, ensuring the sustainability of our mission and allowing us to continue providing the highest quality services to individuals with disabilities.

We are dedicated to maximizing sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact.

Through this innovative and sustainable project, we strive to build a community where everyone, regardless of ability, thrives, connects, and contributes.

To support The Junction project in becoming a reality we are looking for:

  • Experienced grant writers
  • Valuable connections
  • Project managers
  • Volunteer architects
  • 10 acres of land in the Surf Coast
  • Donated building materials
  • Donated construction labour
  • Help us set up a garden

If you are able to offer any support, please contact us at

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