Our Programs

Currently we offer the following options for supported learning, development and capacity building.
More programs are being developed for the future.

To join any of our programs or activities please contact us via the contact us page, email or mobile phone.

Count Me In

Literacy & Numeracy Program
Individually tailored for each participant with a view to confidence building & independent living skills. We make regular shopping ventures, within our own community. We create personalised shopping lists, practice basic budgeting & record keeping. We also learn writer’s Journal techniques and work on personal writing projects which will contribute to an exciting group project at the end of the year.

This program runs of Monday 9am – 3pm in Torquay

Art and About

Self-Expression through Art
A centre based art program focusing on creating various works using different mediums.
This program draws upon Psychological Principles to promote understanding, expressing and communicating emotion through artistic pursuits.
We also focus on a deeper understanding of our own individuality.
Visits to local art galleries and exhibitions are scheduled to extend our knowledge and stimulate our creativity.
We participate in public art events in our local community throughout the year.

This program runs on Tuesdays 9am – 3pm in Torquay.

Think Twice

Run the re-sale shop
An active program based in the Re-sale Shop at the Anglesea Waste Management Site. This role gives us an opportunity to learn the skills around running a retail store. We focus on social and motor skills and we are challenged to think outside the square. We sell various recycled items and organise them within the shop. We interact with customers and other staff and we upcycle to create some innovative items!

This program runs on Thursday 9am – 3pm in Torquay.

Free Range Friday

Working On the Farm
This program is based at Freshwater Creek Cottages (FWCC) in Freshwater Creek. FWCC provides accommodation in fully equipped cottages which are part of a 50-acre property, with over 20 acres of farming paddocks that hold sheep, cows, horses, goats and pigs.
Free Range Friday is an active, outdoor program.
Our participants have distinct roles and responsibilities which contribute to the running of the farm and accommodation.
Our participants are encouraged to be actively involved in the tasks and work as a team.
We interact with other staff at FWCC daily and also with visiting tourists at times.
Although we do stop for morning tea and lunch breaks, we are otherwise fully engaged in the many and varied experiences we are involved with at FWCC.

This program runs on Fridays 9am – 3pm In Freshwater Creek
We also run an additional half day on Wednesday 9am – 1pm in Freshwater Creek

Get Social – Monthly Social Activities

Socialise with Friends
We support a monthly hang-out where small groups can spend time together, socialising, building positive relationships, discussing and planning social activities they wish to participate in.
Participants are encouraged to plan the next social activity according to a collaborative discussion. We then try to enable these plans.


Supported Holidays
We facilitate weekends away of varying lengths and locations. This gives participants the opportunity to holiday with friends, explore new environments and build skills of independence.

In-Home Support

Stay in your own Home
If one of our participants elects not to accompany their parents/carers when they go away, we can support them to stay in their own home and continue with their weekly routines.
We move into their home and support them to shop and prepare meals, do housework and maintain personal care, attend their regular social outings and day activities.
We do not expect you to prepare meals in advance and we bring our own bed linen so you don’t even need to prepare our bed!