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All Aboard disABILITY Support Service

We create opportunities to enable people with disability to live, work and play in the Surf Coast region.

We believe in strengthening the community as a whole to ensure people with disability are valued, welcomed and included in the place they live.

All Aboard was established by parents of adult children with disability. Therefore, our perspective comes from a deep appreciation of the value people with disability bring to our lives.

We are also qualified professionals in the fields of Disability Support and Psychological Counselling, so bring a unique skillset to our work.

We respect one another and encourage that same deference in everyone we encounter.

There is no “us and them”, our activities all have a team approach. We expect our participants to work together and contribute to all we do.

We focus on the individual goals of each of our participants and work tirelessly to weave individual goals into our group activities.

We also hold the belief that respectful humour is a key ingredient in developing and strengthening our interactions with one another. Having fun is a priority.