Day Programs

Man-power Monday, Wild n’ Wacky Wednesday and Free Range Fridays

volunteering at a farm 9am – 3pm

Held at Freshwater Creek Cottages of over 20 acres of farming paddocks with sheep, cows, horses, goats and pigs. This program is an active, outdoor program where participants have specific roles and responsibilities in farm operations. A group of male participants run the show on Mondays.

Count Me In

literacy & numeracy program, mondays 9am – 3pm

Focusing on confidence building, independent living skills and emotional intelligence, this program is developed each week according to the needs of individual participants.

Art’n About

Self-expression through art, tuesdays & Fridays 9am – 3pm

A creative outlet for participants, providing a variety of artistic mediums and techniques to explore. Participants can unleash their imagination and express themselves through art in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Wellbeing Wednesday

holistic wellness 9am – 3pM

Offering a range of activities and resources to enhance physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Participants can engage in mindfulness practices, fitness sessions, and educational workshops to cultivate a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Express Yourself

connect through expression 9am – 3pm

A platform for individuals to connect and socialise over morning coffee at a local cafe, followed by engaging in activities such as journaling, music, photography and other forms of creative expression. It offers a supportive environment where participants can freely express themselves.

Cath & Bella’s Kitchen


Plan, prepare and share a meal together each week as well as tending to a kitchen garden.

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